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    ...We are a team of professionals involved in the construction and implementation of the technology infrastructure of the payment industry in Bulgaria....

  • Digital Transformation Services
    DA-Digital Archiving is an outstanding software system for electronic archiving and document management. It is developed with rich functionality and easy administration. "DTS-DA" can be installed in the client's IT infrastructure or used as a "cloud" service from it. It offers fast integration and a high level of security. It can store in electronic form any type of documents - scanned, electronically created or even attached to the e-mail. It can also store: video materials, photo materials, sound recordings
  • Digital Content Recognition
  • Digital Transformation Services
    While investing in asset management systems is a serious solution, it is recovering quickly. The additional benefits that companies achieve with their deployment are related to maximizing maintenance effects and improving the performance of available assets. The asset management system covers in detail all the life stages of the asset, allowing for continuous operation and increased productivity, including planning for inspections, compiling control lists, tracking follow-up instructions.
    Beyond barcode technology
    Automatic RFID systems displace traditional barcode systems and have many times greater opportunities for applications. Compared to the traditional barcode systems they own the opportunity to receive many more information without human intervention. With the introduction of RFID technology, products and services are created, unthinkable until a few years ago. Fast handling of the goods is achieved without human intervention, compliance delivery times and order planning, warehouse optimization stocks and many more ...
  • Phisical document archiving

About us

Digital Transformation Services

DTS is established by a team of professionals, with over 25 years of experience in design, development and implementation of technological infrastructure for the Bulgarian payment industry. We have been working with Bulgarian National Bank and the entire banking sector in Bulgaria.

Our mission is building high-tech solutions for the companies, which are smoothening the workflow, consuming less time and make the business processes more efficient in the area of insurance, banking, public and non public sectors. DTS is the preferred partner, chosen by local and international organizations, for the development of modern business processes. By cooperation between DTS and REISSWOLF Bulgaria – specialized in management of physical archive and shredding of sensitive information, DTS has developed solutions, which service REISSWOLF International – group of 68 companies, covering 35 countries in Europe and Africa.
Любомир Цеков
Chief Executive Officer

He is shareholder and co-founder of DTS. Former CEO of Interbanking and card payments services company “BORICA-BANKSERVICE”.

Керам Манукян
Chief Thechnology Officer

Former chief information officer of interbanking and card payment services company “BORICA-BANKSERVICE”.

We are your future business partners for:

Digital Transformation Services

  • Consultations and strategy development;
  • Digital services;
  • Software products;
  • Design of architectures for information systems;
  • Design of IT infrastructure for uninterruptable processes and guarantying 100% data integrity;
  • Management of a system for physical archive of documents;
DTS’s team of highly trained professionals will help you in each phase of the digital transformation for your business.
digital transformation

Our services

Digital Transformation Services


DTS is powerful and easy to use system for document management. It is PHP, JAVA and MySQL based. The system was developed and tested for many years, that’s why it is very reliable, secure and effective in data management and storage. Some of the functionalities are: web based interface, storage of older document versions, digital signature identification, LDAP connection, group management, track changes, access control lists, work process for preview and approval of documents, Multilanguage support and so on. Easy to use on a smartphone, even on ones with small screens. Files are secured and can be reached from anywhere in the world no matter the device. DTS-DA manages documents as a hard disk file system, but supports more options for additional metadata as key words, authors, descriptions and so on. The program has powerful OCR of scanned documents, and compared to other systems, is more focused on tracking a text search in Cyrillic. When it is actualized to newer version of a document, the “older” already versions are being stored instead of deleted. DTS-DA uses easy to work system for management of the workflow, which works with preview and approve for a document before it is being deleted.


DTS-DA can be installed in the private client’s infrastructure or can be used as a cloud service. Both cases the client is not obliged to pay additional licenses for operational systems, databases or other. If no law or other regulations persist for the digital archive, the cloud service has several advantages:
  • Service access is monitored effortless;
  • Rules can be implied for periodical password changes;
  • Limitless disk space;


DTS-DA is a service, which uses strict policy for information protection based on ISO 27001 standard for informational security. The service has the opportunity to integrate with PKI infrastructure of the client or to use ones of DTS. Digital archive access is made by encrypted protocol using digital signature. DTS-DA is adjusted to the policy and procedures for informational security of the client. DTS-DA’s architecture provides 100% document security from crypto viruses and other malware vulnerabilities.


User interface is intuitive, easy and engaging to work. No software is required to be installed on the user’s computer. The preview window is large and comfortable to use, so the user can easily edit, print or download a document. The service is available for every type of PC and operating system, tablets, smartphones and so on.


DTS-DA is a service, which is able to be integrated with client’s IT infrastructure – active directory, email server, ERP and CRM systems and so on.


Client can form work groups and directories. Each change in specific directory of the document will notify by email all the participants in this directory.


Documents in DTS-DA are being 2 types – digitally formed documents or scanned documents. Digitally formed documents are loaded electronically using integration between the archive and other systems (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Sharepoint..) or the client’s workstation. Paper copies are scanned and archived to be OCR processed and indexed in the archive for future search. OCR processing is tuned for Cyrillic and particularly for the Bulgarian users.


If the user has been granted the rights, he can extract a document from everywhere to every device. The client defines Master Admin, who can download within minutes the whole archive.


You can control the lifecycle of a document at the time you store it. DTS-DA will notify you prior expiration.


DTS-DA covers ISO 27001 standards for IT security. It is ready for the new law for security of personal data General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


DTS-DA uses “Meta Data Search” by associated keywords or “complete” by wording from the body of the document. Logical combinations can be also used as “and”, “or”.


DTS-DA may be used by unlimited amount of users, no matter their location in the world. Users need only a web browser.


Pricing for using the DTS-DA service is per user per year. If the service is used as a cloud, the client is paying additionally only the disk space, which is being used.


Pricing for using the DTS-DA service is per user per year. If the service is used as a cloud, the client is paying additionally only the disk space, which is being used.

Digital Content Recognition

DTS is working with the software for DCR (Digital Content Recognition), targeting defined business processes to become faster and more effective. Supported scope of solutions is adjusted to individual company needs. DCR solutions are integrated within the existing corporate software and don’t need any additional investments.


“Private documents” module serves for scan of ID, Passport, Drivers Licence and more, so the data can be extracted in digital editable format. When using this module, the organization has the advantage of:
  • Speed – end of the boring entry;
  • Clear data – complete input without typos;
  • No regulatory problems with incorrect data;
  • Fraud control on all security elements in the ID;


Installed within the client’s infrastructure or as a cloud service

DTS-AM may be installed within the client’s infrastructure or as a cloud service. Both ways DTS-AM doesn’t requires additional payments on licenses for operational systems, databases or other.


When using DTS-AM, you can manage:
  • Material assets – long term, work of arts and much more;
  • Non-material assets – software licenses, digital assets as web stores and web content, copyrights and patents;
  • Components – parts of asset with separate ID;
  • Consumables – analogically with accessories, but are added to a material asset – toner cartridge, paper, motor oil etc.
  • Accessories – assets, which are not traceable by serial ID (computer mouse, keyboard), but are traced by user;
  • Users – employees, which are granted with assets, accessories, licenses;
Asset management


We use modern equipment for indexation and inventory

DTS-AM lets you index the material assets with bar-code or RFID stickers. Inventory process when using RFID is 40 times faster and easier. Saves time, efforts and leads to perfect accountability. Users can participate in different groups. Each user can track and trace the assets he is responsible for.


Asset categories may refer to the accounts as
2041- computers and hardware
2051- cars
2060- business inventory
9899- assets and materials less than 1000lv.


DTS-AM supports locations, based on the organizational structure of the organization, using functional principal or other criteria.


For each asset card is created a card with information for:
  • Organization subdivision, where will be situated;
  • Which model it belongs;
  • Generated automatically within the system sequential inventory number;
  • Date of purchase;
  • Supplier;
  • Buying price;
  • Guarantee timeframe;
  • Exact asset location;
  • Account of the asset;
  • Asset image;
  • Asset application for a specific customer;


  • Software product name;
  • Product key;
  • Number of user licenses;
  • Application of user licenses to a specific physical asset simultaneously;
  • Organization division, where the license will be used;
  • Manufacturer of the software;
  • Supplier;
  • Price;
  • Date of buying;
  • Validity date;
  • Amortization term;
  • Support;.


Multiple models of assets may be defined and categorized in asset categories: “Manufacturer”-“Asset”- “Model”
Example: IBM – Server – P 800


Using WEB Browser to define authorized users.


DTS-AM defines strict measures for access and security of the information inside the system, covering ISO 27001 standards for IT security. DTS-AM can be modified for customer’s needs and policies for IT security.


Interfaces to ERP systems are developed so amortization of assets to be accrued within the client’s accounting polices.


DTS-AM works with all type of operations systems.


Pricing for using the DTS-AM service is per user per year. If the system is used as a cloud service, the client pays only for the additional asset number that is being used in the system.


Functional Scope

  • Effective work processes that are error free and guarantee traceability at a click;
  • Limited access generated by employee level and access control management by administrator;
  • Analytics of accounts for optimization purposes and resource planning;
  • Processing all archived funds (archived storages);
  • Automated distribution and indexing for shelf, box, unit for new units to be archived;
  • Formation for logical themes and stock allocation in libraries;
  • Individual barcode and indicator print in standard type;
  • Indicator register;
  • Option for generation of new types of criteria for archived units;
  • Tracking archived units using barcode or manually (both options are available);
  • Track changes using employee login are generated and recovery analysis is available for Admin;
  • New or re-stored tracks may be automatically relocated to new archived box or archive shelf during process of barcode scanning;
  • Search by filter and criteria for each field into the description;
  • Mass relocation for tracks/descriptions for archives in separate archive funds or storage units;
  • Integrated process for digitalization of selected documents;
  • Logical themes option and track distribution in libraries;
  • Option for scanned documents to be uploaded as PDF documents;


DTS-PhA is able to be used both as a product installed in the client’s IT infrastructure or as a service that is based in the cloud. Both ways the client is not obliged to pay additional license taxes for operational system, database or other. When physical archive is at customer’s premises. It can be modified to work simultaneously with client’s environment or as a cloud based service, which is better option as: includes the overall process for archiving documents on a higher level of security standards. We sort and index your documentation using the system of barcodes; afterwards we give you access to the archive. If the hard copy of the document is needed, it can be granted to an authorized employee of your company. The document can be sent via courier using our services and a reliable on time delivery is guaranteed. The physical archive is at client’s premises. Our software may be installed in the client’s IT infrastructure or used as a cloud service, which is more convenient as:
  • Service access is monitored seamlessly;
  • Periodical password change polices may be implied;


DTS-PhA has strong policy for information security and access, which are following ISO 27001 information security standards. DTS-PhA can be adjusted to the policies and procedures for IT security of the client.


“DTS-Pha works no matter the operational system.


Physical archive management relies upon following principles:
  • Supporting the logical infrastructure to describe physical infrastructure as: Archive fund – Archive shelf – Archive box – Archive unit (packer);
  • Described above logical structure may be adjusted for smaller amounts of archives as: Archive fund- Archive shelf- Archive unit (packer)- Archive separator;
  • Support of modern indexing technology for archives listed above;
  • Two options are supported – indexing using bar code technology or RFID stickers;
  • Seamless user interface for work with archives;
  • Internet access for authorized employees;
  • Confidential layer distribution depending of client’s security polices;


Document indexing for search purposes, is as easy as a click on the pre-defined list of Meta data.


Local through access panel or via browser as a cloud based service.


Interfaces are optional to be developed to document systems libraries or digital archives. This way traceability is facilitated for the physical document and other used systems.


Pricing policy for DTS-PhA is per number of users per year. If used as a cloud service, the client is paying only the number of additional documents used and supported by the system.


Digital Transformation Services

“Digital Transfomation Services” AD holds a valid ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for quality system and ISO Certificate 27001:2013 for internal system for information security.

DTS 9001       DTS 27001


Digital Transformation Services

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